The easy answer? Absolutely! We would say that though, wouldn’t we?

We get it. You don’t have a mammoth marketing budget, and even if you did, you don’t have the time to build a website, right? You don’t have time most days to drink a hot cup of coffee! Well, we have good news for you.

You don’t need $10k and a marketing team of specialists to build and maintain a website. You don’t even need $1k to build a website. And the best part? Your website is your sales and marketing team.

Your website is your brand specialist, head of communications and PR, your advertising specialist, and part of your sales team.

You can’t afford not to have a website. Not convinced? Here’s 5 key reasons why your small business needed a website yesterday.


1. Your Customers Are Online

Between 2016 and 2017 the number of mobile phones with active internet connections in New Zealand jumped up 11% to 3.8 million.

Your customers are connected to the internet wherever they go. It’s where they connect with friends, family, and their favourite brands. It’s where they consume content for entertainment and to catch up with current affairs. It’s where they find, compare and buy goods and services.

Which brings me to my next point….


2. Your Website Gets You On Google

When was the last time you used a hard copy of the yellow pages? I’m willing to bet that for most people it’s been a while. For people born after 1995, possibly never. With Google at your fingertips you can find a business that supplies the product or service you need – instantly! It’s no wonder Google is New Zealand’s most visited website.

Try googling your own product or service. How many of your direct competitors are on the first page of results?

The kicker? They aren’t even paying to be there! Most of the search results you see are ‘organic’ results. Your competitors get to be listed simply because they have a website.


3. Facebook Doesn’t Cut It

But you have a free Facebook page, right? You don’t need to invest in a website! Guess again.

Google will prioritise your competitor’s website above your Facebook page in search results because your Facebook page doesn’t offer the same control over search engine optimisation as a website. A website offers lots of  opportunities to target your content to the phrases and keywords your prospective customers are searching for.

Besides, if you aren’t putting money in to sponsor your Facebook posts they aren’t even getting in front of your audience – even people that ‘like’ your page.

A Facebook page is a great way to connect with new customers and retain existing ones. The sophisticated targeting and sponsored content options on Facebook make a Facebook business page a great addition to your digital strategy. But the hottest leads are looking for your product or service on Google – and your competitors are there waiting for them.


4. Stay Open 24/7

You’re human (I hope). You need to eat, sleep, take breaks and spend at least some of your time away from your store. Your website, on the other hand, is ‘always open’.

Your website can tell customers your opening hours, give them directions to your shopfront, answer their questions, show them to the right product, and even close the sale – anytime of the day, or night.

When you can’t get to the phone, or be in your store, your website is still there working hard for you – bringing in customers and selling to them.


5. Your Website Perfectly Compliments Your Marketing Efforts

Don’t throw out that stack of flyers just yet!

A carefully written website is a powerful tool for turning cold leads into hot ones and ‘window shoppers’ into paying customers.

Google is great. But the best-case scenario is that your prospective customer skips Google altogether and lands right on your website. Maybe they’ll hear about your business and your website from a friend, see it on a poster, get it from your business card, or a trade show directory. Help them find out more about your business and dazzle them with your compelling content and amazing range of products.

6. Your Website Offers Fresh Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

Finally, with a website you can tap into new advertising and marketing channels.

Ever had someone walk into your store, circle around a particular item and then walk out the door? Before they leave, ask them to sign up for your email list in exchange for a discount code to nab an easy sale – while scoring a new subscriber for your email list. Grow your email list with an easy sign-up form on your website and then keep your loyal customers in the know about your latest sales, promotions and new products with email updates that tempt your customers back to your store. This is called email marketing, and it sits under the umbrella term of digital marketing’. When you start using digital marketing you’ll be using things like email updates, Google ads, and content on your social platforms to drive traffic to your website.

Thanks to the wealth of data available to anyone using digital marketing platforms, you’ll be able to target your digital marketing to exactly the right audience which increases your chances of converting that traffic into paying customers.

With reliable reporting you’ll be able to quantify the return on investment for all your digital marketing efforts – unlike a lot of traditional marketing channels – and see just how much revenue that new website of yours is bringing your way.


If you’re excited to grow your business and think a website could help your reach your goals, we’d be happy to help. We specialise in building websites for small business just like yours. We focus on breaking the process down step-by- step and our pricing is structured to fit budgets on the smaller side.

Check out our web design packages or get in touch. We’re always available to help.

P.s Just go ahead and bin those flyers. They don’t have your new website on them yet!

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