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Caryle grew up on a farm in the Wairarapa, worked on farms and later became a vet nurse. She has managed a cattery and, after a stint teaching, looking after people’s pets for a number of years before starting Allpets.

Allpets is different from other pet carers because as a vet nurse and experienced animal carer Caryle knows how important personal consistent care is to almost all animals and particularly pets. Allpets provides that and to a broad range of animals. For example, she has looked after all kinds of dogs and cats as well as rabbits, pigs, chickens, guinea pigs, frogs, fish and axolotls to name but a few! Her current pets are 2 spoilt dogs, Mikey & Sammy, and a bearded dragon called Racko!

She prides herself on getting to know your pets. In doing so and being trained to spot illness and dietary issues, she knows when a vet is needed. She also knows how to provide medication and first aid to your animal if that should ever be needed.

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